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  •  To provide high quality, professional complementary healthcare to the local community.
  •  To raise the profile of complementary therapies and encourage an integrated approach to public healthcare.
  •  To provide a sanctuary from everyday pressures by creating a healing environment. To empower people to improve their own health through providing information and other resources.
To be fair, honest and professional in all our business dealings: To promote harmony in the workplace and to    support universal human rights:
  • Provide skilled professional therapists, properly qualified and insured. Provide clear pricing and terms of booking and cancellation.
  • Honest declaration of benefits of treatment and to make no false claims.
  • No hard sell or pressure to have more treatment.
  • To provide follow up care where necessary.
  • Create a healing environment.

    To promote harmony in the workplace and to support universal human rights:

  • To have in place systems to allow feedback/complaints from clients, practitioners and staff, and where appropriate to take necessary action.
  • No tolerance of abuse or bullying.
  • All people to be treated with respect regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, age etc.
  • Practitioners have the right to refuse to treat.

    To maintain an environmental policy:

  •  Where reasonable, to use environmentally friendly / biodegradable / recycled / reusable products, materials and equipment in the clinic.
    To regularly monitor ways of reducing our environmental impact and taking reasonable action to improve.
    To source supplies, equipment and services from ethical companies.

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