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 Preconception, Pregnancy
     & Post-Natal care

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A team of practitioners within the clinic
specialise in the areas of preconception, pregnancy and postnatal care. There has been a steady rise in demand for these
services over the last few years through word of mouth, media and medical recommendation.
Complementary medicine plays a valuable role during each stage. You may prefer to use one therapy to support you through the whole journey or a combination of treatments to tackle specific issues. All the practitioners featured here are experienced in treating clients during this special time.
If you have any further questions you can email us and we will forward your query to the appropriate practitioner.
Please click on the therapy list on the left for details on the therapist and how each therapy can help.
  Fertility & Pre-conception
This is the time when you want to ensure your base level of health is as good as it can be. We can offer help in many areas including physical fitness, nutrition, relaxation, regulating the menstrual cycle and male fertility.


We can offer treatment in all 3 trimesters to help with side effects such as nausea, pelvic pain, water retention, digestive problems and low energy. We also offer support through emotional changes and help you prepare for labour physically and mentally.


New mothers need nurturing too. We can help you recover physically and mentally after birth, with treatments that aim to normalise hormones, promote milk flow, encourage healing, release trauma and help avoid post-natal depression.



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