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Hypnotherapy & NLP
These talking therapies can help optimise training and performance by providing tools and techniques to overcome fears and self-limiting beliefs and create a vision of success.

Often the first port of call after an accident or injury, osteopathy can release muscle spasms, realign joints and ease pain significantly. It can also improve overall posture.

Podiatry can treat biomechanical foot problems such as flat feet, arch pain, ankle instability and bunions which can impair performance and cause postural faults that could result in back pain. Sometimes orthotics are used to resolve problems.

Sports Massage & Tuina
Massage is routinely used by athletes as part of their training routine to promote swift recovery by ridding the body of toxins and keeping the muscles flexible. Massage can also treat specific injuries by releasing tension, reducing pain and improving mobility and function.

Yoga helps to prevent injury by improving body awareness and posture, improving core strength, balance, flexibility and focus. After injury yoga can help release tension, increase mobility and strengthen weak areas.



In the effort to keep ourselves fit and
healthy, we sometimes overdo things
or have accidents. At Belsize Health
we have a team of professional
therapists trained to deal with sports
injuries to help you recover faster,
prevent future problems and get you
out there doing what you love. In
addition to treating injuries we have
therapists to help you attain peak performance by working with your mental and emotional muscles!


You may choose to follow a course of treatment in one therapy or a combination of treatments. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the best plan for you.


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