Are you taking the first steps towards achieving your marathon goals?

Are you taking the first steps towards achieving your marathon goals?

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Natalie Koffman and Laura Ichajapanich, both experienced triathletes, have compiled an informative article on how to help you prepare and recover from events such as the London marathon.

All treatments mentioned throughout the article; are available at Belsize Health Clinic throughout the week. 

Acupuncture and Tuina 

Laura Ichajapanich (MSc, MBCCMA) is a triathlete and Chinese medicine practitioner at Belsize Health with experience of working with athletes to alleviate pain prior to marathons and other sporting events. Laura works at Belsize Health on Mondays.

Tibial Stress Syndrome, more commonly known as Shin Splints, arise because the tibia (shinbone) and the connective tissues attached to it become laden. This can occur when athletes train too hard or for too long, or when they suddenly increase the intensity or duration of their exercise.

For example, when runners add to their mileage, or alter the terrain or incline of their workout; shin splints are a likely result.

Shin splints may be accompanied by swelling and hardening of the soft tissues.

Acupuncture can promote healing, reduce pain, increase local microcirculation, and attract white blood cells to the area. This can speed the rate of healing, reduce swelling, and disperse bruising.

Acupuncture and Tuina (Chinese medical massage) can help to put you back on track with your training for the London Marathon.

Sports Massage During training

Sports massage can ease out any niggling aches and pains that you are experiencing, release, relax and aid recovery of tired and tight muscles during your training, help to remove waste products such as lactic acid accumulating in the muscles from training and leave you ready and prepared for your event.

Sports massage during training may help to keep your body in good shape, support the prevention of a buildup of tension that can lead to injury or muscle strain.

A Pre- event Sports Massage

A pre event massage can help relax and prepare your body and mind before the event. This massage is a less intense sports massage treatment, focusing on easing out muscle tension, stretching and releasing tight muscles and supporting and encouraging good circulation to and from the muscles. It can feel like an applied warm up to the muscles before the event, resulting in an easier start to the event.