Instantly anti-age your skin & body!

Instantly anti-age your skin & body!

If you want to make positive changes to your skin, body and mind then our restorative hideaway in the heart of Belsize Park is your go-to place.

Our newly transformed Clinic offers everything you need to future-proof your body; from revolutionary skincare treatments to dedicated Pilates sessions.

We are the only clinic in London to offer Heaven's Bee Sting Facial, which is considered the natural and organic alternative to Botox, giving you an instant anti-ageing effect. And with celebrity fans including Victoria Beckham, Danni Minogue and members of Royalty it's definitely worth trying if you are looking for an alternative to Botox.

Pilates is for everyone, fact. Investing in Pilates today will put you on a path for a healthier future. Pilates works like WD40, it literally oils your joints, slowing down the natural aging process by improving core strength, muscle tone, joint mobility, balance and posture. There is a reason why Jennifer Aniston looks so good! We have our own dedicated Pilates Studio, run by Agi Makarewicz, her vision to create a warm and approachable retreat in London realised at our clinic.

Loving yourself starts from the inside - both body and mind. The wellbeing of your gut affects numerous processes in your body including metabolism, energy production, nutrition and body weight. We offer Colonic Hydrotherapy, the gentle internal cleansing of the large intestine, can relieve bloating, improve peristalsis and help to improve overall gut health and function. A healthier mind leads to a healthier life and with various talking therapies, hypnosis and mindfulness available, you can ensure a spring detox for your mind too.

Our newly transformed restorative hideaway in the heart of Belsize Park is home to a dedicated team of highly qualified practitioners.

We are proud of our holistic, organic approach to healthcare and offer a comprehensive range of leading and cutting-edge treatments from all of the most respected wellbeing disciplines.

Give us a call on 020 7483 2345 or email to discuss your healthcare needs.