Shape Up for Summer with Pilates!

Shape Up for Summer with Pilates!

Getting your body 'bikini-ready' for summer isn't easy. But if there's one discipline that can really help you look fantastic, all over, then it's Pilates. Our expert Pilates practitioner, Agi Makarewicz, explains a little more and shares some exercises to get you started…

"If you want to shape up in time for summer then start dedicated Pilates sessions now - you'll literally be jumping into your bikini (or shorts) by the time your holiday arrives!

"Pilates is an all-over body workout, developing muscular power and defining muscles uniformly. You can't cover-up in a bikini and that's why Pilates is the ideal exercise to do, your whole body will tone and tighten rather than a particular group of muscles.

"Saying this, many clients want to tone their tummy in time for their summer holiday and of course, certain areas of the body can be given extra attention and join the overall body workout. You will also benefit from following a healthy nutritional plan alongside your Pilates sessions and overall you will look fantastic and feel totally confident.

"I love this inspiring quote by Joseph Pilates', it sums up perfectly what Pilates can help you achieve in a very short space of time (in time for summer in fact!)… "In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30 you have a whole new body." Joseph Pilates

So, why not take up your Pilates challenge on International Pilates Day on 7th May - it's the perfect excuse to start.

Here are some great Pilates’ exercises from Agi to get you started:

Circular Saw:


Side Line Reach/Flexion:

Side Rotation/Flexion:


Agi Makarewicz Credentials:

Comprehensively Trained Pilates Instructor

I have an aggressive work out regime for someone over 50 and I have found that I injure myself quite frequently - I decided to try Pilates with a view to maintaining my fitness regime whilst learning how to focus on technique to prevent the recurrent problems. I have found with the precise body learning techniques taught so wonderfully by Agi at Agile Pilates how to avoid repetitive strains.

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To help you on your way to a summer-fit body, Agile Pilates is running a fantastic offer: book 10, 20 or 30 Pilates sessions to use within 4, 8 and 12 weeks and get an additional 20% discount on top of existing multiple session offers. *

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