Heaven Skincare’s Gold Bee-Venom Exclusively at Belsize Health

Heaven Skincare’s Gold Bee-Venom Exclusively at Belsize Health

At Belsize Health Clinic we are delighted to offer our clients a world-first – Heaven Skincare’s Gold Bee-Venom Mask® and Gold Bee-Venom Eyes. Find out why these products are so popular with celebrities and royalty… and why not become part of the gold club yourself! Here’s more from Heaven Skincare…

Great skin starts with great skincare, and Deborah Mitchell, CEO & founder of Heaven Skincare, has created the ultimate anti-ageing, skin perfecting signature ingredient; ABEETOXIN®, a secret formula containing bee-venom, Manuka honey, vitamin E, organic rose oil, organic lavender oil, organic marshmallow, & organic shea butter, which has gained a worldwide reputation as the 'natures alternative to Botulism Toxin injectables,' which is the most acutely toxic substance to the human body, yet known. "With so many consumers becoming conscious of ingredients and their impact, both on their health and on the environment, we do what we, at Heaven Skincare, do best and look to nature for the answer," explained Deborah.

PURE & SIMPLE Wake up Like You're in Your Make up

The brand new Gold Bee-Venom Mask, containing ABEETOXIN® is formulated with the world's rarest bee-venom exclusively from the Queen bee. Already with a massive celebrity and Royal following, Gold Bee-Venom Mask, positions itself as a revolutionary organic cream that works to control facial muscles for immediate lifting, tightening and firming, whilst targeting existing frown lines and wrinkles. Brilliant for use on all skin types, including aggravated and sensitive, regular use of the Gold Bee-Venom Mask, makes your skin appear to get younger. In addition to the anti-ageing properties of the Gold Bee-Venom Mask, the formula heals many skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and sunburn. In just 10 minutes the cream can be applied to cleansed skin as an instant lifting mask, it can be used as an intensive night treatment or, as Deborah's chooses to do, can be applied as a primer for make-up, to ensure a day-long dewy and youthful luminosity. Heaven Skincare is so unique that the formulas are designed to provide emotional healing and the Gold Bee-Venom Mask calms the mind, instilling a feeling of security.

Deborah explains "Contra-indications; Allergy to bee venom or honey. Patch test recommended, but because of the ABEETOXIN® there is no chance of a reaction, but always best to patch test to make clients comfortable".

"Hello Beautiful!" Discover the 'real' you when using our products

Heaven products are based exclusively on natural ingredients, not tested on animals and are 'harsh' chemical free. Our philosophy is that if you love your body, it will love you back, releasing your inner glow. With the added benefit of advanced technology, our skincare is proven to work time after time, on every skin type, with repeatable results for a great looking you.

Heaven Skincare's Silver Bee-Venom is £55 for 30ml and £82 for 60ml.

Gold Bee-Venom Eyes

The ultimate in anti-ageing eye care!

Deborah has captured this unique venom contained in her patented ABEETOXIN® that has extra qualities, the Queen Bee uses their venom for looking after their young, and this protective power has been harnessed, containing antibiotic properties that revitalises and heals the area around the eyes, the formula will reduce puffiness, relax lines, heal irritation, detox dark circles and restore crepey eyelid skin.

Purchase these exclusive and limited products at our clinic. Or book your Heaven Skincare Bee Sting facial with our fantastic practitioners, Taryn Williams and Sarah Dick. Call reception on 020 7483 2345 or email info@belsizehealth.co.uk

Heaven Skincare is dedicated to extending and saving the lives of bees. They work directly with and support the charity who produce the bee-venom and royal bee jelly used in all of their products. The charity is committed to helping patients with cancer, HIV and arthritis, providing them with valuable care that they would otherwise be unable to afford. The valuable gold bee venom used in Heaven Skincare's Abeetoxin® is from the queen bee who can sting many times and never die. It is of upmost importance that all bees are unharmed in the milking process, in fact, milking means that the sting does not leave the bees and therefore the bees tend to live a longer life because it never stings again.