Women’s Health Matters: Reflexology & Yoga

Women’s Health Matters: Reflexology & Yoga

Women are the powerhouses of the modern world. Juggling work and family life is now commonplace so keeping on top of your health is crucial – not only for you, but the whole family! Jenni Stone shares some great advice as part of our Women’s Health Matters series.

‘Superwoman’ is often used to coin the role of the modern woman. Managing the household, juggling work and family life – it’s non-stop. Of course, women benefit from the rewards that a good job and a happy family life bring, but at times it can be very demanding and stressful. Keeping on top of your health is critical and here, Jenni Stone, our Reflexology and Yoga practitioner, shares some ways in which women can help feel tip top and ready to take on the world!

“Staying happy and healthy in today’s modern world can be challenging! I really believe that good health is at the very foundation of achieving a more rewarding and stress-free life. Managing the day-to-day becomes easier if our health is well looked after – many of my clients find that taking some regular time to invest in their own wellbeing means they are better able to look after everyone else. My favourite saying at the moment is “you can’t give from an empty pot!”

“In my many years of practise, I have gained a wealth of experience in treating women of all ages. I have seen how something as simple as a more regular menstrual cycle can have a huge effect on a woman’s general wellbeing in both mind and body. The professional and supportive services I provide specialise in treating women’s health issues, including supporting those with breast cancer.


“Reflexology has a long held reputation for being beneficial for women’s health at all stages of life, and is often recommended by other health professionals such as midwives. This deeply relaxing, non-invasive treatment can help the body to release muscular tensions and better regulate its hormones so it can be helpful for:

• Regulating the menstrual cycle and easing PMS
• Pregnancy & birth preparation
• Post-natal recovery
• Reducing menopausal symptoms
• Relieving stress and improving sleep


“Yoga, having originally been almost exclusively a male pursuit, has in more recent years become mainly studied and taught by women. This has led to an emergence of yoga designed to serve women’s needs, which works to honour and embrace the cyclical and changing nature of women’s bodies and energies. Whether a beginner to yoga or an established student, yoga can be helpful for:

• Pregnancy & birth preparation
• Post-natal recovery
• Improving pelvic floor function
• Maintaining health and vitality in later life
• Reconnecting with and cherishing your body

“Throughout my years in practice I have been very lucky to have connected with some amazing women, each with their own story. We all have our own journey to take and I really believe that good health helps us to be the best we can be.”

Jenni Stone MAR, BWY(dip)

Jenni Stone has been practicing hatha yoga for 20 years and teaching it professionally for 9 years and she is currently studying with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. Jenni has also been in practice as a fully qualified reflexologist for over 15 years.

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