Healing your life does not have to be hard work

Healing your life does not have to be hard work

Q: How can The Journey help you to heal?

The Journey is unique in the field of healing, offering step-by-step ways to uncover and use your body's own natural healing genius. With this method you undergo a personal inner journey, powerful-guided introspections that give you access to specific cell memories, to times in your life when you were triggered by someone or something and you shut down or avoided your natural emotional response.

The Journey gives you a way to resolve these old cell memories, release any trauma and associated biochemistry from your cells and freeing your cell receptors so they can once more communicate healthily within your body.

The Journey enables you to become complete and come to peace with your past.

Q: How long does it take to heal and how will I know that it works?

Some people experience spontaneous healing after just one process - like Brandon Bays' (founder of the Journey), partner Kevin Billett, who healed from chronic, life-long depression after just one Journey process because he got directly to the root cause of what had put his depression in place and fully cleared it out.

I myself was convinced that it works when I, in just 3 days, was cured from years of "life blues" that turned out to be undiagnosed pre-natal depression. All my health issues, fear of flying and weekly migraines also disappeared along the way.

With other people, the illness or life challenge may result from multiple issues or different facets of a single issue.

For example you may in one process clear the issue of having been humiliated by a teacher at school but that won't clear the anger you may have felt, or you may clear that childhood issue of feeling unloved by your mother but that won't clear the feeling of grief and loss of a loved one.

In these cases, you would need more than one Journey process to fully heal, but you will already feel the beginning changes in your body after just one process.

I became a Journey Practitioner because I saw how my friend, Nicki Forman's sister was cured from terminal cancer in only 5 processes. "The Journey Method has changed mine as well as my familys life" she says.

The signs of your healing with the Journey often may be easily noticeable immediately or over time. With the time it takes for your cells to regenerate you will start to feel better, look better, and be more in touch with your self and people around you.

Q: What is the difference between emotional and physical healing?

There are two main kinds of Journey as well as many specialized processes tailored to your issue.

The Emotional Journey allows you to welcome and experience any suppressed, hidden and denied emotions in an open and loving way whilst the Physical Journey elicits more specifically any repressed memories or traumas stored within your body that may be creating illness or disease.

Ultimately both result in the uncovering and clearing of cell memories, emptying out previous pain, forgiveness of the self and others and coming to a place of wholeness and healing. It gives you an opportunity to clear your traumas, hurts, fears, shutdowns and the resulting pain, blocks and illness accumulated throughout life.

Q: Who can benefit from it?

People worldwide have healed from anxiety, depression, stress, anger, grief, chronic pain, self-esteem issues, physical illnesses, relationship difficulties, abuse, and many other issues using the Journey Method.

The Journey is for everyone, not just those with illnesses. It's for anyone who realises that there must be more to life than what we normally settle for. It is for anyone searching for deeper answers to life's questions and challenges, for anyone interested in a practical, 'how-to' method for living a life of infinite potential, purpose and fulfillment.

I have worked with business people clearing abundance blocks or leadership issues, to people with phobias and depression as well as children (from age 6 and up) drawing and playfully going through the fun and light Journey for Kids process.

The results are remarkable.

Q: What is your final advise to people considering a Journey Process

I have chosen to incorporate this life transforming method in my coaching to make your world better as it has mine.

We are living in a crazy age of catastrophe, terrorism, earthquakes, hurricanes, financial crises, relationship breakdowns, and physical and emotional traumas. Wherever I go, I see people paralysed in fear, shutdown, afraid to take action.

I was like that. Fearful and depressed about the world. Now I am not. It's that simple.

I realise it sounds almost too good to be true. It is not. The results of this are real. But you have to want to heal, want to get well and want to be happy.

Call me for an informal chat to how my conscious coaching and Journey work can help you!

Ilana Krasnik

(MA Int Pol and Negotiations, Artist, Journey Practitioner, Life Activation Practitioner)

Ilana has been working for more than 10 years as a business counselor in international organisations and for the last few years she has developed this into a more spiritual practice of Conscious Coaching as a Journey Practitioner helping women, men and children (from six years upwards) to heal from all sorts of issues

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