How much time and money are you wasting removing unwanted hair?

How much time and money are you wasting removing unwanted hair?

With summer in full swing, you’ll no doubt be stepping out in your bikini, sun dress or shorts, and the last thing we want you to worry about is unwanted hair.
We’ve partnered with EpilaserUK to provide diode laser hair removal here at Belsize Health. With British women spending thousands of pounds removing unwanted hair, we’re now offering a permanent and affordable alternative.

How much money do YOU spend removing unwanted body and facial hair? According to a recent study published in Hello Magazine, British women are spending up to £8,000 in their lifetime to remove unwanted hair, with some saying they’d happily spend up to £10,000 to be hair free and care free. This includes shaving, waxing, epilating – all temporary and ineffective hair care methods, which can often leave you still feeling fuzzy.

When unwanted hair can have such a big impact on a woman’s confidence, it’s alarming that it can be so expensive and time consuming. The same study reveals that leg and arm hair are the greatest sources of anxiety for women, and that facial hair is the most concerning, and two thirds of women surveyed felt that unwanted facial hair was the biggest problem area for them. Forget everything you think you know about laser hair removal. There are still a lot of myths around laser hair removal. While early laser hair technologies were expensive and effective only on certain skin types, diode laser hair removal works on any skin tone and on most hair colours, because it targets the melanin in the hair follicle.

Diode laser hair removal uses selective photosynthesis to heat up the melanin of the hair, without affecting the melanin in the skin. This makes it the most effective ay to remove unwanted hair on any skin tone. EpilaserUK use a specialist equipment and technique that removes unwanted hair permanently, unlike some other laser hair technologies, including IPL, which aren’t permanent and can be limited to a combination of fair skin and dark hair. And it’s not just for the ladies – a growing number of men are embracing a modern, hair free look. Laser hair removal is effective on any area of the body, and can be targeted at any patch of hair large or small.

So throw away your razor, and start laser hair removal today.
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Olga Gulcz, Laser Specialist with EpilaserUK

Olga Gulcz is a fully trained laser specialist, equipped with the LUMENIS Light Sheer Desire and ET hand piece. Using the latest in diode laser hair removal technique, she can treat any skin tone, permanently and with clear results after just one session.

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