Noami Sato

Noami Sato

Naomi came from Japan, discovered the beauty of health and the human touch through massage study. Her massage style is unique where various massage techniques including deep tissues, soft tissue release, myofascial release, acupressure points and trigger point therapy are incorporated into the treatment. The massage treatment has a huge number of therapeutic benefits for all the systems of the body - by massaging and relaxing the muscles, there is a synergistic, "domino" system. Naomi puts her heart into helping people whose natural equilibrium is out of balance, guiding them through a beautiful journey of discovery, healing, truth and joy to heal their mind and body.

Naomi is also in qualified reflexology plus facial reflexology and treats clients of all ages from head to toe.

Naomi offers integrated deep tissue massage, reflexology (feet, facial and maternity) and pregnancy massage and Japanese cosmo facial lift massage.

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