Holly Jaques

Holly Jaques

Holly has 10 years’ experience in holistic and alternative therapies and is now a tutor at the London school of massage.

She studied Complementary medicine at the University of West London. Specialising in Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

Working for one of the world’s best spas for five years she gained a huge amount of experience. It was there she was given the opportunity to teach new therapists in her specialist field.  Later becoming the senior therapist of their flagship London store.



Holly’s passion is working with hot and cold stones, after witnessing amazing health improvements on her clients.  Learning that stone massage came from a particular tribe in North America she was intrigued to find out more.

Her investigations took her to Stone Medicine a Native American wellness system from the Sioux nation. A clan from the Dakota tribe named the stone people had been offering this medicine for thousands of years. Holly flew to the states to train with Jenny Ray founder of Stone Medicine. 


This powerful medicine has transformed so many life’s and is offered with permission from tribal elders to non-natives, in the hope it will help the people to find wellness and connect back to mother earth.