Marijke Vogel

Marijke Vogel


Having suffered as an asthmatic child in the Netherlands, I have been fascinated in natural health from a very young age. Always hungry to learn how to treat dysfunction naturally, I have been fortunate to study in various parts of the world and have devoted 25 years to researching and working with the detoxification of the body and mind on every level.

I’m a qualified Colonic Hydrotherapist as well as a Nutritionist - and use my nutritional expertise as part of my Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions.

I understand the power of nutrition and how additives and artificial colours, pesticides, heavy metals and hormones affect wellbeing and moods.

I’m also a Herbal Medicine Specialist, Naturopathist, Iridologist and Aromatherapist, Masseuse and Author; my book ‘The Earth on Which We Live’ is used in naturopathic colleges throughout the world as part of the curriculum and has been translated in Japanese.