Sports Massage

Sports massage is a treatment suitable for anyone who wants a deep focused massage which really works the muscles and is used to help prevent injuries, to prepare for and aid in the recovery of the body from sporting/physical activity, and to aid in recovery and rehabilitation from injuries. Many people seek sports massage for non sports related conditions where muscle stiffness and pain are present or where there is a desire to increase flexibility and movement.

Sports massage may be had pre and post event - each massage being tailored to the particular sporting activity. Pre event massage is aimed at warming the muscles in preparation for the activity, a more invigorating massage. Post event massage aims to relax the muscles - supporting the muscles to flush out waste and realign after use, aiming to decrease some of the aching and discomfort commonly experienced after sporting events.

The release of muscle tension, breaking down of scar tissue and adhesions and increased suppleness of muscles and joints are amongst the many described benefits.

Treatment involves the application of specific techniques focusing on the muscles specific to your activity including:
Deep Tissue Massage (deep friction and trigger points)

  • Connective Tissue Massage
  • MET (muscle Energy Techniques)
  • STR (soft Tissue Release)
  • Stretching
  • NMT (neuromuscular techniques)
  • Myofascial Release

Treatments are often completed with specific recommendations regarding stretching or exercises to strengthen particular muscles/muscle groups.

Sports massage is commonly sought to:

  • Help Prevent Injuries
  • Aid Recovery and Rehabilitation from Injury (Sports or otherwise)
  • Support Pre event Preparation
  • Support Post event recovery
  • Improve Muscle and Joint Flexibility and Mobility
  • Alleviate Back, Neck and Shoulder pain
  • RSI

Sports massage is not only for those participating in sport but is more a range of techniques that are used to maintain optimum function and ease in the body.

It can therefore be as beneficial to you if you spend your day sat at a desk, have a physical job or spend your day behind the wheel of a car.

Regular sports massage may help you maintain a healthier body, reduce the risk of injury and control overuse syndromes, restore mobility to injured muscle tissue and boost your performance.


Natalie Koffman

Natalie Koffman


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