Stone Medicine

In ancient times the ancestors of Native American tribes began to use stones for the body for wellness. Stone medicine introduces these traditions with heated and chilled stones, crystals and gem stones and the use of various animal ‘medicines’ (energies). The hot stones were gathered from sunny ocean shores and river banks.  These sun heated basalt stones were used to soften muscle tissue in combination with water dipped cool stones, to reduce inflammation and swelling.
Stone medicine treatments effect not only the physical body but the spiritual and emotional body as well. By clearing the body of unhealthy energies and reconnecting to mother earth grounding and balancing, the body’s natural ability to heal its self is established.
What are the benefits?
Stone medicine full body massage
By using various temperatures, with specific vibrations and pressures, we can stimulate circulation, remove inflammation and alleviate pain.  Improve lymphatic drainage, enhancing the immune system, reducing swelling and enhancing overall health.
This bespoke treatment can be tailored to your specific needs, focusing on particular areas of tension. Cold stones are used on any areas that may be painful they are named the pain warriors as they are so effective for pain reduction.
Both client and therapist are immersed in an eloquent dance, the stones used are mainly basalt stones that come from volcanic rock, molten lava that has solidified. Since they come from the earth’s core they are incredibly grounding and feel like velvet on the skin.
Stone Medicine offers one of the most profound stone massage treatments that are available today.  This treatment is perfect for giving yourself the ultimate time out it’s like a mini holiday making you feel cantered again.
After the treatment, the stones are laid out to create a sacred symbol. The symbol represents an aspect of your life and can give you information to help you with the challenges that may be ahead.


Holly Jaques

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