Rain Bath ceremony

This is a neurological treatment that helps assist the body with detoxification, eloquently blending modern science with ancient tradition.
Rain Bath is an ancient form of aromatherapy used with stones, to rebalance the physical through affecting the nervous system with plant oils and healing stones of various temperatures. This treatment is a gentle and non-invasive method of alleviating stress and anxiety, restoring balance to the body's chemistry. A variety of physical ailments can be affected by the essential oils anti-inflammatory properties.  A Rain Bath treatment protects, nurtures and enhances the immune system.
To begin the ceremony the client is smudged using sage to start the clearing of unwanted energies. Laying on a river bank of warm basalt stones, crystal gemstones are used on the face in a specific stroke to switch of the minds chitter chatter.
Hot stones are then used on the back to soften muscle tissue and to open up the blood vessels causing vasodilation.  A set sequence of 6 essential oils is then dripped onto the spine, the oils used have antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, to name but a few properties, aiding detoxification.  The oils are inhaled into the olfactory system and absorbed into the blood stream via the skin.  Cold agates then rain down onto the back giving the sensation of raindrops and the feeling of fresh spring.   Eagle stroke is also used in this treatment the energy of eagle gives us clear vision and helps to carry us to where we need to be.
Rain bath also is said to capture the essence of the northern lights the release of ozone is so powerful it can be smelled and even tasted. The ancestor’s developed the treatment inspired by the experience. The teaching from this treatment is passed down from the bear clan of the stone nation.  From the Chaz Thompson Linage through his daughter Jenny ray. (White Bear Medicine Women)
This is the perfect treatment to help you to make a change in your life, if you want to give up something up, or if you’re detoxing.


Holly Jaques

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