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Head Massage

Health and Your Body

From nutritional advice and hands on healing to restorative treatments and strengthening practices, we offer extensive complimentary therapies for a better you.

Health and Your Mind

We know a healthy mind leads to a healthier life. That’s why we hold our comprehensive range of therapies in high esteem and believe in helping you find bespoke care that works for you.

Health and Beauty

Treating yourself to some time out and feeling good about the way you look goes a long way towards reinforcing self-confidence and a positive outlook on life.

Here at Belsize Health we believe in a holistic approach to healthcare and offer a comprehensive range of trusted therapies so that you can receive the best bespoke care for your unique needs.

Our restorative hideaway in the heart of Belsize Park is home to a dedicated team of highly qualified practitioners who together offer all encompassing complimentary healthcare and nurturing treatments. We integrate health, mind and body therapies and are committed to results driven, medical led solutions for your total well being.

Clients are always our priority and we will guide and support you through a well thought out, confidential treatment plan.

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